Our Recovery Services

Our Recovery Services

May 2023

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After open discussions across the organisation, we've made the decision to rename our pillar of services from Recovery and Addictions to Recovery and Wellbeing going forward. This change recognises...

  •  ...how we work in our existing services - Across the organisation, it is felt the umbrella ‘Recovery and Addictions’ is not inclusive of all of the services we provide. For example, our Community Engagement Teams in both Northumberland and North Tyneside, whose primary focus is working to support people to overcome mental health issues. The term ‘Recovery and Wellbeing’ is more encompassing of a wider variety of services we operate through our pillar, including mental health and other behaviours.
  •  ...the way we work as an organisation -   ‘Wellbeing’ has a much more positive connotation than the word ‘Addictions.’ As a strengths-based organisation, we work to build upon peoples assets. Naming 'Addictions' steers towards a deficit-focus, in contrast with ‘Wellbeing’ which is much more recovery and future-focussed. We know the importance of language and are committed to reducing stigmatising language where it exists. So we hope this move goes some way to reducing stigma from the onset, and that it goes in hand with being inclusive of individuals who may not be experiencing substance misuse - for example those experiencing poor mental health and accessing our services - who could've potentially felt alienated by the previous umbrella term.
  •  ...who we support - We recognise that a recovery journey is not linear and often a multi-dimensional process, and not just the recovery from substance misuse. ‘Recovery and Wellbeing’ captures the journey in a holistic way, and again, goes a long way to ensuring we are inclusive of all of the people we support throughout their recovery journey.

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