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Changing Lives deliver services on behalf of the public sector across the North and Midlands.

We provide evidence-based expert services that meet the needs of commissioners, communities and the people that we serve. We understand that commissioners face a range of challenges, including achieving value for money and delivering meaningful and lasting results.

Our services are based on the principles of co-production, identifying need through peer research, co-produced solutions with the people that use the services and co-delivering interventions that meet their needs.

In York we are currently co-producing a new drug and alcohol treatment system, including the people that use the service, staff, partners and commissioners.

“York was struggling with poor outcomes for residents in our city and as a Public Health team we were looking for a different way forward when we first started working with Changing Lives, together we have worked hard to change this picture. Working with Changing Lives has been a breath of fresh air, they have been willing to look at the treatment of substance users in a different way from the traditional and to try truly new and innovative approaches with our support.

We knew we were looking for long term sustainable solutions and Changing Lives have consistently demonstrated a clear and core organisational understanding of how people can and do change, believing in people shines through.

As an organisation they have been very open about their practice and have shared the learning with the Public Health team in a way I as a commissioner had not experienced with other providers. There have been no surprises with data, the managers have always known the picture behind the numbers and have always been upfront when we may have been looking at fluctuations in performance and always presenting solutions rather than excuses.

They have consistently demonstrated an innate and organisational understanding of the client group and how to change both systems and outcomes for better results, always keeping the person at the centre of those changes.

Recovery is not just another word bandied about in York, it is not just a new label on the door, it is absolutely at the core of everything we do. Our vision is that everyone without exception should be given the chance to recover from substance misuse addiction, this is at the very heart of Public Health values and is visible in everything we, Public Health and Changing Lives do in York. Recovery is contagious.”

Leigh Bell, Public Health Specialist Practitioner Advanced, City of York Council

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