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Changing Lives support women and girls around experiences where gender, the very fact of being a woman, is significant. This includes those who have experienced domestic abuse, sexual exploitation or have contact with the criminal justice system. We understand that the experiences of women often differ to those of men, but some universal services may not be able to meet the distinct needs of women.

We provide specialist support in safe and trusted women-only environments. We recognise the amazing resilience in the people we support, whilst understanding that the impact of childhood trauma and abuse which too often continues into adulthood requires long term support.

Underpinning all our services is an in-depth understanding of trauma and a focus on recovery, resilience and community integration.

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We work in partnership with other community organisations to provide a co-ordinated response to women in need. We believe that women’s services are often best delivered within local communities and all our projects are deeply embedded and led by those we support. We are firmly committed to supporting and working in close partnership with smaller specialist organisations.

Work with us

We regularly develop new programmes based on the ideas and views of the women we work with, as well as input from specialist partners. If you’d like to discuss opportunities or find out more about our women’s services offer please contact:

Dr. Alex Shirley

T: 0191 2738891
 E: alex.shirley@changing-lives.org.uk

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